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Remember 1990. Or any other year without internet, without e-mail and without web shops and online service providers. Not that long ago, we were fully dependent on the shops in a range of 5 kilometres to do our daily shopping. How this has changed! Nowadays, internet can not be decoupled from the modern world: we need the internet, while 20 years it was not available in any way. If that ain’t a revolution. After a tremendous growth in different available shops and online services, a need for suitable payment methods developed.

In the early days of the internet, most of the merchants selling online products, made use of old-fashioned ways of banking. They used invoices, in some cases credit cards or let the consumer make the bank transfer. Time consuming methods, which led to delays in the order process of the consumer. It could take up to 5 days before the bank transfer was arranged, adding an extra 5 days to the process of ordering products. Near the end of the last century, it was clear that internet shopping offered the world. But some new payment methods were necessary.

This is were Click and Buy comes to the fore. This is a payment method which works in several ways, allowing 14.000 merchants to offer their products and services directly to consumers. While in recent days, it could take 5 days or more to finish a transaction and confirm your order, it is now only 5 minutes. Click and Buy offers a combination of an electronic wallet (hereafter: e-wallet) and a direct banking tool. That’s why we now go a tat deeper into the functionality of the application. And it’s use in for example online casino’s or online bingo room’s. Please enjoy!

The concept of Click and Buy
In our introduction we already pointed at the sheer importance of flexible payment methods, which allow for quick and easy transfers. Instead of making the consumer responsible for a time-consuming bank transfer or an invoice send to his home, we need payment methods that instantly credit accounts of the merchants or account of the players at the casino. Fair and easy, that’s what these payment methods should be. Click and Buy developed this concept full stretch, allowing for those easy transfers all customers are looking for online.

So, what’s the concept behind Click and Buy? Well, it is somewhere between an e-wallet and a direct banking tool. First, the e-wallet: an e-wallet is a so-called electronic wallet. In this electronic wallet you hold the cash that was normally in an ‘offline wallet’. In other words: digital cash, allowing for purchases online. That is one part of the service which Click and Buy offers to over 13 million consumers worldwide. Another service is the direct banking service. This implies that you register a bank account or a credit card with your Click and Buy account.

If you do not have enough balance in your e-wallet, you can request Click and Buy to immediately charge you on your credit card or on your bank account. A flexible solution for all those that want to have an as low as possible online balance. For this reason, we can call the concept of Click and Buy thus one of the most influential since the start of the internet shopping hausse. Nowadays, the 13 million consumers using Click and Buy for the convenience shopping, online casino’s or any other sort of online service.

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The service of Click and Buy for online casino’s
Click and Buy is a very handy service for all those casino’s looking for new customers or for ways to keep the customers returning to their websites. The best ways in which the casino’s can keep their customers and maintain their position, is by offering the best service available. Part of this service is allowing as much payment methods as deemed necessary and as considered profitable. Without payment methods, an online casino would not be able to attract any customer and a wide choice of payment methods like Click and Buy is what a casino needs.

That’s why still more online casino’s allow for transfers with Click and Buy. If you already registered yourself for an account at the Click and Buy website, all you need to do is find an online casino that accepts the payment method and which allows for the easy and quick transfers as they have been offered by the company. An online casino using the service can be identified via the Click and Buy logo which is often visible on the front-page of the website of the casino.

What this website is all about
We now go into detail on the subject of this website and the content that is offered by the authors that contributed to this website. There is a clear division between on the one hand online casino’s which are discussed and on the other hand the way in which Click and Buy works. First, we go into more detail about a number of selected casino’s that offer the best online casino games, the best ways of paying in a casino and the best bonuses. There is a separate web-page for every casino.

Second, we focus on the Click and Buy payment method: how does it work, what are the benefits, which disadvantages are connected to the tool. Surely, this information will help you decide whether you should use the Click and Buy tool for your online purchases at one of the many online retailers and merchants using the payment method. We hope that we are to fully inform you about what this website has to offer and how it works for those looking for an online payment solution that could last for years.